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image ilovealexkingston replied to your post: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? I posted a naked…

Heh, those people are on my blog, methinks.  *grins mischievously*   I, for one, am ALWAYS in the mood for naked Kingston… and clothed Kingston… and Kingston in between…. Who am I kidding?  I just love Alex Kingston, ‘k?  ;D

Then Happy Kingston day! My blog is full of clothless Alex at the moment. And it’s all Courtney’s fault.

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    …there are days that AREN’T Kingston days? I don’t understand.
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    YAY! Happy Kingston Day to you too! (though everyday IS Kingston day). And bring on the clothlessness. WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!...
  3. alexkingstonsitsonmyface said: You know you love it! So, you’re welcome bby ;)
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