I’ve recently reached a thousand followers and as a celebration, I thought I would make a follow forever. I love everyone whom I follow, but unfortunately I can’t put everyone here so I’ll devide this follow forever into six parts.

I’m secretly stalking these people and I wish they would notice me:

A-G: agent-pondamysgone ★ areyoumarriedriverclarayoswin ★ doctorrsong ★ gytrash

H-K: hipster-rawry ★ humany-wumany ★ hushnowspoilers ★ iceinherheart-kissonherlips ★ jackhardnesss ★ justkarenness ★ karengillan2 ★ kingstonque ★ kinkston

L-N: lazoey ★ loveatombmy-ponchoboys ★ mygalfriday ★ mylittleameliapond ★ nextstop—everywhere

O-S: omgsmith ★ piratepond- ★ pondstory ★ riversongicouldbloodykissyourory-pond ★ silentshipsecret

T-W: the-shade-of-sonic-lipstick ★ theverylastofhiskind ★ timetravelandarchaeologytravellingthestars ★ waiting-for-the-tardis wilfulwilf

It makes me smile when I see you on my dashboard:

a-bitey-mad-lady ~ amie33 ~ tardis-of-bones

We have talked before but I’d love to talk to you more:

alexkingstonissexy + hollypond + raggedymans + spoilersweetie + travellingpolicebox

If you’re following me, you ought to follow these people:

alexhnngston | mattsmithissexy | raggedytardis

My wifealexkingstonsitsonmyface

Real life friends:


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